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This page serves as an archive for all of the documents we have mapped so far. We’ve found that as time goes by, inevitably, some of the links within our mapping data became inactive, so decided to create a repository containing all of the documents we have reviewed. Later versions of these documents may be available and also most are still obtainable from the source organisation.

Organisation/DocumentOriginally ReleasedCopper Horse Retrieved
AIOTI Digitisation of Industry Policy RecommendationsNovember 2016September 2021
AIOTI Report on Workshop on Security and Privacy in the Hyper Connected World2016September 2021
ANSI/CTA-2088December 2020September 2021
ANSI/CTA-2088AMay 2022February 2023
AT&T The CEO’s Guide to Securing the Internet of Things Volume 22016September 2021
Australian Code of PracticeSeptember 2020September 2021
Atlantic Council Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security Smart Homes and the Internet of ThingsMarch 2016September 2021
BITAG Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Privacy RecommendationsNovember 2016September 2021
California SB327September 2018September 2021
CableLabs Vision For Secure IoTJuly 2017September 2021
CSA IoT Controls Matrix v3April 2022May 2022
CSA Future proofing the connected worldOctober 2016September 2021
CSA Security Guidance for Early Adopters of the Internet of ThingsApril 2015September 2021
CSA MatterSeptember 2022February 2023
CSDE Anti Botnet ReportNovember 2018September 2021
CSDE 2021 Botnet Report2021February 2023
CTIA IoT Cybersecurity Program Management Document v1.3July 2020September 2021
DCMS Code of Practice for Consumer IoT SecurityOctober 2018September 2021
ENISA Baseline Security Recommendations for IoTNovember 2017September 2021
ENISA Security and Resilience of Smart Home EnvironmentsDecember 2015September 2021
European Commission Cyber Resilience ActSeptember 2022February 2023
European Commission NIS2 DirectiveDecember 2022February 2023
ETSI 103 645 v1.1.1February 2019September 2021
GCF CISA v3.2.0March 2021October 2021
GSMA CVD v3.0July 2020September 2021
GSMA Endpoint Ecosystems v2.0October 2017September 2021
GSMA IoT Security Guidelines For Network Operators v2.0October 2017September 2021
GSMA IoT Service Ecosystems v2.0October 2017September 2021
I Am The Cavalry Hippocratic Oath for Connected Medical DevicesJanuary 2016September 2021
IEC loT 2020 smart and secure IoT platformOctober 2016September 2021
IEEE IoT Security Best PracticesFebruary 2017September 2021
IERC Position Paper IoT Governance Privacy SecurityJanuary 2015September 2021
IETF Best Current Practices for Securing Internet of ThingsJanuary 2018September 2021
IIC Industrial Internet of Things Volume G4September 2016September 2021
IMDA IoT Cyber Security Guide v1March 2020September 2021
India Securing Consumer IoT Code of Practice Release 1August 2021September 2021
India Code of Practice Consumer IoT DRAFT*September 2021
Intel Policy IoT Framework2014September 2021
IOTAC IoT Security Guidelines ver.1.0July 2016September 2021
IoTSF IoT Security Assurance Framework Release 3.0November 2021January 2022
IoTSF IoT Security Compliance Framework Release 2.0December 2018September 2021
IoTSF Vulnerability Disclosure Release 1.1December 2017September 2021
IoTSI IoT Cybersecurity Principles*September 2021
IoTSI Security Design Best Practices*September 2021
ioXt Base Profile v2.0March 2021November 2021
ioXt Pledge 20202020September 2021
ioXt Security Pledge 20192019September 2021
IRTF State of the Art and Challenges for the Internet of Things SecurityApril 2019September 2021
ISOC The Internet of ThingsAugust 2016September 2021
Microsoft Security Best PracticesSeptember 2018September 2021
MIT Dos & Don’tsOctober 2001September 2021
Mozilla Minimum Standards for Tackling IoT SecurityNovember 2018September 2021
NIST SP 800-160November 2016September 2021
NIST 8249 DraftJanuary 2016September 2021
NIST 8259AMay 2020September 2021
NTIA IoT CapabilitiesOctober 2017September 2021
NYC IoT Security*September 2021
OCF OIC Security Specification v1.1.12017September 2021
OCF Security Specification v2.0.1February 2019September 2021
OCF Security Specification v2.2.6October 2022February 2023
Oman TRA Public Consultation on IoT Security StandardNovember 2021May 2022
OIC Guidelines for Secure Internet of Things (IoT)May 2020February 2023
OMG CSCC Cloud Customer Architecture for IoT2016September 2021
OneM2M TR 0008 Security v_2_0_1February 2018September 2021
Oregon Bill 3295March 2021September 2021
OTA IoT Trust Framework 2.5a2017September 2021
OWASP IoT Security GuidanceSite last modified February 2017October 2021
OWASP SCP Quick Reference Guide v2November 2010September 2021
OWASP IoT Security GuidanceSite last modified February 2017September 2021
PSA JSADEN001 V1.0February 2019September 2021
PSA JSADEN001 V2.1February 2021September 2021
SIIA Empowering the Internet of Things2016September 2021
Symantec IoT Security Reference Architecture2016September 2021
TIA Realizing the Potential of the Internet of Things – Recommendations to Policymakers2015September 2021
UL S1376 Second EditionSeptember 2021January 2022
UL IoT Security Top 20 Design PrinciplesJanuary 2015September 2021
US Department Homeland Security Strategic Principles v1.0November 2016September 2021
US Senate BILLS 115 s1691August 2017September 2021
W3C Web of Things (WoT) Security Best PracticesSeptember 2021September 2021
W3C Web of Things (WoT) Security Best PracticesApril 2022February 2023

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